Meine Werke


Tiefgründig und Tiefsinnig

So lässt sich meine Wortkunst beschreiben.

Wie in der Malerei, so schreibe ich in Gedichtform, was mich augeblicklich bewegt, meine Gedanken in diesem Moment gefangen hält. Ich verleihe diesen Gedanken Ausdruck in der Sprache, die mir in diesem Moment sprachliche Heimat bietet:
Spanisch, Englisch, Französisch...
Doch lesen Sie selbst!

An Ursula und Rolf (22.7.2020)


Ja, Sympathie, was ist das?
Es wird entdeckt durch einen Blick, ein Lächeln...
Es ist vielleicht ein Duft, eine Geste?
Man könnte sogar, wie es sich anhört, "unromantisch" sagen:
Sympathie ist wie: Tomaten mit Basilikum.

Oder Torte mit Sahne? Oder einen guten Wein mit Käse?
Ja, Sympathie könnte man sagen, es ist besser als Liebe.
Bei Sympathie möchte man nicht verletzen.
Bei der Liebe, durch die Erwartung,
wird man automatisch verletzt.

Ein sympathisches Lächeln...
Eine liebe Geste...
Eine starke Zuneigung, eine Bindung...
Ohne sich gebunden zu fühlen...
Ohne Verpflichtung, ganz automatisch...

Ja, es ist Sympathie für mich.
Ich freue mich auf dieses Gefühl. Es ist unantastbar.
Es ist schön Sympathie zu empfinden:
Wie die Bienen zum Honig.
Wie die Sonne zu Blüten.
Wie die Wärme im Sommer.
Wie die kühle Brise nach einem langen Spaziergang.

Ja, das ist es!

Mois Decembre 16, 77


Avec un sourire regardant au loin
nous nous dissions au-revoir
qui sait si nous nous recontrerons demain?

Le geste triste, un bruit de train
nous laisse une cicatrice par fois
sans que deux amoureux ne se recontrent pas

La vie les avait rencontré sur son chemin
Quelle folie i.
Qui-est-ce qui sait sa destinée?


Podré econtrar el lugar
donde tu y yo, podamos escapar?

Pueden los días por venir,
encontrarnos para hablar la verdad
y planes futuros?

Oye lo que yo acabo de decir, 
y piensa.
Por qué nos merecemos ésto?


Could I find a place
where you and me, could run away?

Could the days to come
bring us to talk the truth
and future plans?

Could life be so cruel to play
with me in such a way.

Listen to what I just say
and think
Why we deserve this?

MARZO 27, 78

Lejos, en la distancia, un rayo
de Sol, en La Verdad, resplandece.

El cual muestra, la luz
y, nos da la paz y el amor
en nuestras mentes.

ABRIL 25, 1978

Buenos días, Amor i
Buenos días, Tristesa.
Es gracioso que tu parte, amor,
nada me dejas.
Solamente, la página de ayer, 
de un día y...
de cuántos besos i


I take a pen to write to you
spend my time trying to 
speak, to talk, to shout aloud
how much I love You, but I´m so proud i...


So we are weaving up a web
into our short time life
following a pattern making a net
working together, giving a try

The strings passes sowing
sometimes strong knots making
round and over closing
one to each others freedom

I follow You, behind the string
I feel the web is brakable
You know our love is feeble
it ist just for a short time in our life
I just realize

Last Wednesday 14 May 1980

We want what we can not have 
Other times, 
We have what we want, but too late 
Some other times 
We wish to have, what we should not 
But there is a time 
When we have what we have wished to 
But can never get

Unloving - together 10th June 1986

Last week, I have yearned
For a man to come 
Who could wrap me around with love 
But I found myself alone 
Once again
Some days have gone by
And all I hear
Is about “lovers fight”
Some people wish to disappear
Some are just soared
Others, they ignore
Whom they have near…
And some people just fight for money
And others, for a “funny” close friend…
And I wonder: Why the hell
They remain “un-loving” together?

Marzo 26 1981

A donde voy?
Errante camino sin saber
Quizas a un mundo desierto
Donde me encuentre triste
Sin mas deseos de volver
Pero quizas alli ya me encuentre
Y mi cuerpo continua impotente
Choca, caiga debido a un intenso percanse
Y continue insconciente
Sonriente hacia un futuro alegre que me espera

Sunday May 4th 1980

So we are going fine
As the time passes by 

I do, we do: I feel it
We are getting to know each other 
A lot more than before 

We are trying, as we are gambling
With our lives  
Would we ever make it? 
Would we ever live together? 
It would be nice to see it 
As it would be nice to be …. With you 

I can hear the birds singing
As I still could hear you saying: 
I love you! 
This lovely morning 
Having a bath 
I see you coming back 
It is love! I guess

June, but cold 6.6.1986

Today, while sitting on the train
I saw passengers besides me 
And then, I thought: 
How far I was from younger days… 
And now, they all have gone 
And I alone again… 
Alone, without music 
No youth and no friends 

O yes, today
It is perhaps a very special day 
But I feel old, and I am cold 
Alone, on the train 
While they were there 
I could imagen their hopes and their fantasies 

Then I was glad 
Because I’ve already passed through all that 
About that feeling called “Love” 
And abut all that I have lost 
All that which during those days were my “dreams” 
All that which I did never get 

But now, I am just content 
For all that what I have got left 
Alone, on the train 

And he phoned…. 28.10.1984

A day after tonight…
But after that, what can I say?
How can I write if my only wish
Is to be with you tonight
It is been already a week
And I remember when
We have broke apart
It is not a “good bye”, Dominique
I fear it will be though, for a while
And how about if I pray to God
Or if I shout “Finally I have found love”?
I wish to live with you
And while in secret, I dream
Then in secret, you come
I close my eyes
And you grab me into your arms
I shall be there, in only three weeks…
I have learned to love you, much too fast
Much too deep, in my mind
I have said to “Freedom”, Farewell
Now I dream and kiss you “Good night”
An then he phoned
… a day after that night


And... the met one day
by chance?, perhaps
but, why?
to prove themselves i


Qué más da?
Un día ó  dos?, es poca cosa.
Una hora más?, para qué?.

Es como un grano de arena
dentro del mar.
Para qué nos sirve la vida?
Pregunta que a veces nos hacemos.


And the sun came out
after a long nightsrain
and I felt, happiness was about
running thru me again i

An J. H. (das Phantom)

Es war im Frühling
Wir haben uns nicht gekannt 
Wir spielten  
Wie wir es immer tun 
Wir waren 
Unbefangen vor unsere Zukunft 

Es hat geregnet 
Bei unserem zweiten Treff 
Manchmal der Regen 
Bindet Menschen eng 
Wir warteten 
Auf ein Zeichen einen Sonnenstrahl 
Wir wussten nicht 
Was die Zukunft bringt 

Es war 
Auf unserem Weg, zurück nach Haus 
Wir wollten mehr 
Trotzdem, das Spiel war aus 
Es war ein Zeichen  
Wir wollten uns streicheln 

So kam die Nacht 
Und viele Kerzen 
Haben uns zusammen gebracht 
Zu diesem Wunsch, 
derselbe den unsere Körper zeigten
es war  
ein Phantom, ein Traum, ein Wunsch 
der uns zusammen brachte

To Be L (Platonic love 28.8.96)

And he slowly disappears
In the clouds of dreams 

He was the man 
The one who called  
On my door of hopes… 

He was the man 
I was sure of that 
He would have been 
The one… 

If today were not today 
And if he weren’t him 
If, I were not whom I am 
If, the time and the place  
Would have given us 
The chance… 

His pride, his faults
His fine manners 
His golden curly hair 

There he was
And now he is gone 

All what are now left, 
Are some hours 
Some deepened looks between us 
Some colour shirts 
A souvenir and many 
Many, many dreams
rom what it would have been 
But never was 

February 1st 1998

I do not know what love is
I gather, it is a compound 
Of loose pieces 
In the jigsaw puzzle of our lives 

It is to hear the cry of our heart
Rather than our head 
It is to feel at peace and comfort 
It is a kind of freedom 
In our feelings 
Although it prisons our heart 

It is to dream of eternity
And when it is real 
It is perennial as the grass 

Mayo 7, 1986

Heme aqui
Sin esperanzas 
Observando lo que me rodea 
Y aun con ancias locas 
De tocar, sentir y vibrar nuevamente 
Cierro los ojos, doy la vuelta 
Y paso luego a mis solitarias andanzas 
Y cuando en cama, el unico escape de Consuelo  
Innumerables sueños 
Abren como un velo mis tristes anhelos 
Entonces si, verdad 
Encuentro el cielo abierto y duermo con Dios 
Es asi como se transcurren mis dias 
Mis añoradas alegrias 
Pasan a tomar una nueva página 
En el libro de mi pasado tan cercano   

What do you want? Nov. 5th. 1984

And you have rang, but I wonder
What do you want? 
I sit back and recalled 
How much you have already achieved 
In your life 
You have children, I have none 
What else you want? 
If you wish to fool me 
But you fool yourself 
I still can not understand 
What do you want? 
And when you leave me and I find myself alone 
I ask myself what have I got? 
He was there and he was mine 
But he is gone 
So, what did you want?


Come, I ask you 
A thousand times, and once more: Come! 
There had been countless mornings 
Alone, many prayers in my lips 
Saying, without a word, mute, with a shouting heart 
Just come! 
I have long enough for you 
And I can now feel 
The winter, the wind 
But I pray and hope that you may come 
And you will be there 
Playing some music 
Tuning a song, taking a cloud as companion 
A falling leaf, in autumn 
Or pushed by unknown force 
Come alone 
And you will find 
That my soul has already reached  
For completion

Five before twelve 11.9.1984

 I like
To be able to write and describe 
What I feel deep in my heart 
And I trust that with the help of God 
My hand will write what I can not  
With tears. 

You have come with the wind 
And with the same speed you have gone 
Come, with the strength of the unknown 
Come, with the speed of light 
Come, it is time to see you 
Even the flowers have blown away 
And they are busy creating their fruit 

Come and bring with you the air
And its arome of spring 

Come, the earth is already thirsty
And needs the rain
Come, the clock has turned 
Five before twelve 

Come and the sun will shine
And there will be no more darkness 
No more blind nights

A mon frere David

Ce n’est qu’après
Loin de toi, d’une centaine de kilomêtres
Qui nous separent
Que je me suis rend de compte
De l’amour qui nous unifie, à nous deux
Et dans mes memoires, Je ne garde que les souvenirs
D’une “Au-revoir” un peu pressé
Dans l’aeroport comblé de visages inconnues
Un souhait de “Bonne chance”
Avant le decollage
Ce sont ces images qui me restent de toi
Combien de fois! Mon ami,
Nous nous sommes déja quittés
Avec l’espoir d’un nouveau “Bonjour”
Mes yeux, au loin me rapelen de toi: David
Mon frere. Il est là mon ami d’enfance
Celui de mes chagrins
Compagnon d’une vingtaine de batailles infantiles

Bruxelles sept. 1981

Que se sont deroulés
Sans garder la moindre rancoeur
Coeur d’or, ami de toujours
Quelle sera notre avenir?
Que sera de nos reves
Ou bien
De celles qui nous avions une fois
 qui deviennent peut-etre, un jour?
Et finalement, après des années
Nous les gardons parmi
Nos aoutres rêves inachevés…
Il est déjà minuit
Revenos chaqu’un
À sa realité
Dans ce monde auquel nous appartenons

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